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Pacific Coast Expedition. Early plans.

Updated: Mar 4

Plans are slowly coming together for our Pacific Coast Expedition to benefit the Adventure Cycling Association (ACA). Thanks to the ACA's excellent resources we already have a planned route. Check it out on Google MyMaps (link here) Maybe we'll pass close to your neighborhood!

We also have a handy spreadsheet (surprise surprise). Below is a snapshot of the 47-day trip. We plan to start our trip at the border of Canada, on Friday, September 1st. As we piece things together we see our two biggest challenges are (1) fueling on days when there are limited services and (2) finding places to sleep each night.

If you'd like to join us for some miles, know a place we can stay, or are able to support us any way at all, drop us a line. We appreciate any help we can get and would be happy to have company, too. Note: since planning is still underway the dates below may shift by a day or two. We'll be sure to share updates.

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