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East Coast Greenway. Week 5 - North Carolina

Updated: Mar 4

Quick Recap of Week 5 (5/14 - 5/20)

We started Week 5 by crossing into North Carolina and celebrating our third state line! Yay! Go, Team! We also took a ferry and saw alligators! Lots of fun was had during week 5.

Once we made it to Carolina Beach, we decided it would be a good idea to take a rest day. Shan's knee, while not getting worse, was still pestering him. We stayed a second night in Carolina Beach and took it easy. It turned out to be a pretty good idea - we both started Tuesday with less pain and more energy.

By the end of the week, we were dealing with near-record high temperatures, close to 100F. We played it safe, starting our day before sunrise, stocking up on beverages, and making sure to meet up multiple times to keep our runner hydrated and healthy. The weather may have been a challenge, but it was balanced by the absolutely awesome farm and country roads and pretty scenery. The peace of our runs/rides was super enjoyable, definitely the best I've experienced on the bike so far.

Our days were a bit more "scheduled" since scenic country roads mean no restaurants or convenience stores. We didn't even have access to gas station food! So I carried a lot of extra food and water and ice and sports drinks and coconut water. We scheduled a lot of meet-ups and we set the alarm for 4:30 am. This allowed Shan to start his days before 5:30 am, finishing early and beating the high temperatures.

Some fun facts from Week 5

Miles this week =
  • Shan (running) - 248 miles

  • Josh (cycling) - 254 miles

Total Miles Ran = 1295
Money raised for ECG = $4000

Week 5 Highlights

Best drink of the week: An amazing cappuccino at a coffee shop I was working at in Fayetteville called Rude Awakenings.

Best meal of the week: Home-cooked rice bowl while staying in Carolina Beach

Cool people we met:

  • The owner of Elizabethtown Inn picked up Clif and protein bars for us when she learned we would be leaving the Inn before 6:00 am. She was used to seeing cyclists come through, but most of them sit and enjoy a leisurely home-cooked breakfast before continuing on their way. We are a different breed? :)

  • The owner at American Eagle in Fayetteville offered to do our laundry for free when she learned about our mission!

  • Jay Stephens, a friendly retired cyclist gave us a $20 donation when we stopped to rest, hydrate, and have a snack in Erwin. He offered us some of his fruit also - what a sweet man!

  • I also had a fun conversation with a few older southern gentlemen who couldn't resist asking about the trailer. They were appropriately impressed when I told them our story. :)

Our favorite place to sleep: The shipping container Airbnb on a Farm in Currie, NC. This was the coolest and most charming stay we've had so far. Thanks again to my friend Lily who donated an Airbnb gift card. We woke up early, but only minutes before the roosters, which were heard in our send-off video for Shan that morning and in my daily update video.

Most exciting animal encounter:

  • Alligators! - OK, there wasn't really a lot of interaction between us and the gators, but we saw several of them in their natural habitat, so we were pretty excited.

  • On the evening of our rest day, we were working outside by the pool and saw a cool blue bird (which looked like an egret) hunting frogs in the pond.

  • We saw all kinds of farm animals at the Airbnb in Currie, NC - the roosters were sure to make themselves known, especially during my work meetings.

Best/worst weather: That's an easy answer - heatwave and temps creeping up towards 100F.

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