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Extremely Outside Expeditions

In 2020 Shan Riggs completed his first cross-country run, from San Francisco to Connecticut. In 2022 he proposed to his partner, Joshuaine, at the end of their East Coast Greenway Expedition, a human-powered run/bike from Key West to Canada. Together, these two trips raised over $70,000 (for FoodShare and the East Coast Greenway Alliance) with a media reach of more than 700 million.

Recently, the couple celebrated their honeymoon on another journey following Adventure Cycling Association's Pacific Coast Route. Josh biked with their gear, and Shan ran 1930 miles.  Today they are running races and taking smaller trips, but it won't be long before they start looking for the next expedition. 

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Pacific Coast Expedition

~ our honeymoon ~

Start: 8/29/2023     Finish: 10/24/2023
1930 miles - 56 days, 9 hours, 2 minutes

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