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Extremely Outside Expeditions

You might already know this, but Shan runs a lot. In 2020 he completed his first cross-country run, 3255 miles from San Francisco to Connecticut. In 2022 he became the first person to run the East Coast Greenway, on a 2960-mile human-powered run/bike from Key West to Canada with his partner, Joshuaine. Together, the two trips covered more than 6200 miles, raised over $70,000 for FoodShare and the East Coast Greenway Alliance, and had a media reach of 700 million. Shan popped the question at the end of their trip in 2022 (and Josh said yes), so in the Fall of 2023, they took a 1930-mile human-powered honeymoon along the Pacific Coast.  

So what's next? The Run CT for Medals4Mettle (CTM4M), a month-long running tour that passes through each of the 169 towns in CT to promote the new CT Chapter of Medals4Mettle, which will be initially led by Shan and Josh. Medals4Mettle is a volunteer-run community organization that collects donated medals from endurance athletes and gifts them to children who are battling severe illnesses. Read more about CTM4M here

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Pacific Coast Expedition

~ our honeymoon ~

Start: 8/29/2023     Finish: 10/24/2023

1930 miles - 56 days, 9 hours, 2 minutes

Biking and running from Vancouver, BC to Imperial Beach, CA. 

Check out our blog posts for more details.

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