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East Coast Greenway. Week 1 - Florida

Updated: Mar 4

Quick Recap of Week 1

We started the run at the Southernmost Point marker in Key West on Saturday, April 16, 2022, and - as you may have seen on our social media posts - things are going pretty smoothly so far. Shan started with 30 to 35 miles per day to get the body used to the pounding, and to adjust to the warm and humid weather. We slowly increased mileage, finishing week 1 in North Palm Beach with a 43-mile day. All-in-all the route has been fun, scenic, sunny, and extremely windy.

We stayed in hotels for most of the first week. The one night we camped (in Key Largo on Day 3), we cooled off in the pool and then cooked chicken/tofu curry dinner over the tiny camp stove. Soon after dinner, severe thunderstorms blew through, tossing our tent across the campsite. Our flattened, soggy tent and the warm temps meant very little sleep and a lot of work to get moving the next morning. I think we're still recovering!

Shan's holding up well, and since our route goes by so many stores, he's survived just fine if I'm not available. I'm happy that I've been able to get work done by finding quiet spots along the way, or arriving at our lodging early to work before Shan arrives. Most evenings we have dinner early and then I'm back to work for an hour or two. When I'm not buried in my laptop, we relax together, sharing how our day went, and planning the next one.

Week 1 Summary

Total weekly miles
  • Shan (running) - 267.1 miles

  • Josh (cycling) - 274 miles

Money raised for the East Coast Greenway = $1200

Week 1 highlights

  • Most delicious meal: Indian food at Stage in North Palm Beach (with Tim and Lindsay) on Friday/Day 7

  • Favorite local beer: Channel Marker IPA by Islamorada Beer Company

  • People we met:

    • The cook at 7 Mile Grill who marveled at Shan's running skill and gave us a sports drink to keep us alive in the heat and humidity in the Keys

    • Kim Brown, another East Coast Greenway Cyclist, member, and supporter, heading to Key West from Titusville

    • Lovey, a runner who literally chased me down as I pedaled past her on the boardwalk in Hollywood

    • Jamal and the team at the Underline Trail in Miami brought us a snack and interviewed Shan about his ultrarunning past and current mission

    • Robbie and his team at Brickell Bikes took a look at the bike/trailer set-up and did some fine-tuning to the rear wheel

    • Orion, a young man, and new supporter I met at the Circle K gas station on Easter Sunday (I was there to pick up our dinner of Italian subs)

    • Harold and his son, who I met and chatted with on Delray Beach

    • Tim and Lindsay, Shan's college friend and wife treated us to a lovely dinner as we wrapped up a full week of running/cycling

  • The hardest day:

    • Josh - Going through (and getting out of) Miami - this was harder than it should have been, with several wrong turns and lots of traffic lights. I added 6+ miles to my total mileage and spent the entire day trying to catch Shan (unsuccessfully)

    • From what I could gather, Shan's hardest day was probably Thursday (Day 6), which was a culmination of exhaustion on Tuesday due to lack of sleep Monday, tripping and falling (twice) scraping injuring his knee and shoulder. This was also a long mileage day and it was still hot.

  • Favorite view/stretch of trail: As a cyclist the peaceful and shady trail of highway 905 was lovely.

  • Most exciting animal encounter: Key West chickens and their baby chicks

Below are a bunch of pictures of us along with the awesome people we met along the way

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1 Comment

Apr 27, 2022

Looking for you guys when i drove south to Key West on the 16th, think you had ended for the day. Still figuring if my own ECG trip is a go or not.

My absolute best to you!

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